Choosing the Right Musical Accessories

Is your instrument lacking playability, or not sounding quite right to your ear? Our experienced staff can help you pinpoint the issue or find the right musical accessory to maximize your musical experience.

Choosing the Right Instrument for New Band Students

Have new students who love music but don’t know where to start? Strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion-it can be daunting. Learn techniques to help them find the right instrument and find their place in a large ensemble.

Best Techniques for Teaching Elementary Music Classes

Teaching large groups of students can be a challenge, especially when they are all armed with noise-making devices. Read the best strategies for controlling group dynamics, teaching music exercises, and instilling a lifelong love of music.

Beginner Guides for New Band Students

Just getting started on your musical journey? You’re not alone. Learn the basics of caring for your instrument, producing beautiful sounds, and playing in a band or orchestra.

How to Properly Care for Ochestra Instruments

With simple care at home and regular practice, your instrument will maintain excellent playing shape. For routine maintenance and more serious fixes, consult our repair specialists.